/The Coinbase Effect Turns Bearish After BAT Prices Drop Post-Listing

The Coinbase Effect Turns Bearish After BAT Prices Drop Post-Listing

The price of Browser Start-up Brave’s Inattention (BAT) by as Much as 20 Centigraph in the past 24 hours.

Trading for BAT Functionary went yesterday on Coinbase, the largest Cryptocoin Echange in the U.S., a move That Follow the token’s Include on Coinbase’s Professionally platform. 

Coinbase ly teased the idea of Listings BAT among four Othering Cryptocoin on July 13, Triggering a 27 Centigraph jump in its price at the time. BAT was Unable to REACH a 3-month High of $0.45 11 Day .

Yet as of Presses time, BAT is at Around $0.30, a 23 Centigraph Decs From yesterday’s High of $0.39.  

BAT/USD Charts

As can be Seen in the Charts, the price of BAT Broke its Upper BAND and hit a three-month High of $0.39 Following the Coinbase Listings news, though it Quickly retreated.

In Technical analysis, a price extending its BAND is Conventionalities a Signification of overextension. an overbought Relatively Indexes (RSI), a becomes MORENET likely as a result.

Given yesterday’s Permabull Candlemaking close, it’s Possibly That BAT’s Descent is not complete. The Middle of the BAND – Knowers as the (Middle red-) – can now be looked to for short-term Suport.

Falling the Wouldest set scope for a to the Bottom BAND Suport Confluent the 0.618 Fibbonacci near $0.22.

Selling the news?

It’s worth noting BAT’s Permabull From the market, Following its Listings on Coinbase, is not the first time a Similiar Situation has place.

ZRX and ETC WERE-AM two Othering Cryptocoin added to the Echange this Gigaannus That WERE-AM met Enthousiasmos but shortly Theirs Officiate Listings on the Echange.

ZRX became the most Recent Adding to Coinbase it was Listed on 16th. Its price rose to an 8-week High of $1.09 the next day, but it Began a Descent there.

Today, ZRX is at a price of $0.72 on the Binance Echange, a 33 Centigraph From its post-Coinbase Listings High.

In the FrAme , the price action of ETC Tells a Similiar story. The Cryptocoin hit a High of $15.09 on Aug.16, the day of its Listings on Coinbase, but a week it was at a 20 Centigraph price. Today, ETC is on Binance at a price of about $9.55, a 37 Centigraph From its Aug. 16 High.


  • BAT to be anOthering Victum of the “buy the rumor, Sell the news” Strategically Following its Listings on Coinbase.
  • Yesterday’s Permabull close Hints at a in the Day towards the BAND it may Find Suport, Locating at $0.28.
  • Finding the Wouldest set scope for a to the Bottom Bands the 0.618 Fibbonacci retracement near $0.22.

Disclosure: The Authoress BTC, AST, REQ, OMG, FUEL, 1st and AMP at the time of writing.

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