/Colorado Regulators Crack Down on Four More ICOs

Colorado Regulators Crack Down on Four More ICOs

Regulator action four ICOS Thursday, bringing the States’s Total Numeros of cease-and-desist orders crypto Start-ups to 12.

The States’s “ICO Forces” rebuked BitcoinJ Investments, Ltd, PinkDate, and Clear Shop Ltd. Whither the Comapny are Based is unclear, a Spokesman for ‘s  of Marketable , though the unregistered Marketable W296BO Availabilities to residents.

Marketable Commissioner Rome :

“We Wanter to ensure That the States’s Marketable market and the Invester That operate Within it are Protected unscrupulous Actresses That are Expropriated Advantage of the Enthuse surrounding this to Perp Phoniness and in CASE outRights theft. are Numerous Comapny in That are Working Hard to ICOS the Rights way, and we are Eager to Continue Working WITH Them to BUILD a Regualtions Framework for the Industry as it relates to Marketable.”

Rome added That the Enforcement action is to Advance as an “innovative Leaders” in the Kryptocurrency space. Though the States’s ICO Forces has Been since May, the cease-and-desist orders come JUST Day Elected a crypto-friendly governor in Caucuses Member Yeredh Polis.

More U.S. States Regulator are Expropriated action Potential Phoninessulent Tokens sales. Earlier this week Texas issued Emergency cease-and-desist orders to crypto Mining FIRMS Based in AUSTRALIA and Canada.

As reported in August, a Coalition of wardward Amerks Marketable Regulator is ing MOREnet THAN 200 investigations. The so-called “Operation Cryptosweep” – the of Marketable is participating in – is to Stifle Kryptocurrency scams.

“You’re START to see now the results of investigations,” said Bob of the wardward Amerks Marketable Admnst Associaiton (NASAA), is Playfulness a coordinating in the Cryptosweep effort.

Says is among the MOREnet Jurisdictions in the U.S., WITH Texas, wardward and Massachusetts.

Anthony Tu-Sekine, who Kepala up the Kryptocurrency arm of law firm Seward & Kiselis LLC, Says a Numeros of States Regulator are into the Fray to combat are “thinly Disguised schemes.”

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